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MTECH® Nylon resins are tough, withstand repeated impact and are highly resistant to abrasion and most chemicals. Older articles retain their sharp at elevated temperatures, are strong in thin sections, and have low coefficient of friction. It could be used in many applications including: automotive, electrical, electronic, furniture and construction. Nylon resins are classified by chemical composition into the following series: Nylon 66, Nylon 6, Nylon 66/6 blends, all of which may be modified to give special properties. Compositions in any of those groups may also be made with different molecular weights. Primarily the type of Nylon determines properties such as melting point, water absorption, and modulus of elasticity. The type of modifier used and molecular of the Nylon affects impact resistance. Melt viscosity is determined mainly by molecular weight. Various additives are used to enhance specific properties, for example; heat resistance, weather resistance, color stability
and to improve procession, for instance; mold release, screw retraction. MTECH®nylon resins may be reinforced with glass finer to increase their tensile strength, stiffness and dimensional stability.

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